Lilac  City Billing Services, LLC

  Let us manage your insurance billing so you can focus on patient care!

Billing Services

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Insurance Billing Services

*  Enter patient demographics

*  Confirm insurance benefits  

*  Electronic, paper, secondary claims

*  Track unpaid claims

*  Appeal denials

*  Furnish monthly patient statements

*  Answer patient billing inquiries

*  Post and reconcile payments

*  Soft collections 

*  Furnish monthly practice reports

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Insurance Billing Rates

*  Initial set-up cost varies.  This fee

     covers expenses associated with

     launching a new provider.

*  Monthly percentage rate varies

     and is determined by individual

     provider needs.  This rate is   

     calculated based on revenue

     generated by insurance billing.

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Practice Management Services

*  Accounting services

*  Payroll processing

*  Human resource management

*  Marketing

*  Policy & procedure implementation

*  Development of practice protocols

*  HIPAA compliance auditing

*  Referral management

*  Basic website design

Practice Management Rates

Practice management services indirectly generate revenue, therefore these duties are billed based on time rather than a percentage rate.  Providers are able to select individual services tailored to their specific needs.